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We do not just show Amsterdam.

We do not just tell historical anecdotes. 

We do not just visit touristic highlights.

We know history.

We share local life.

We represent the Netherlands.

We connect the past to today. We explain the story of Amsterdam.

From the swamp it once was, to the sin city it is today. 

Amsterdam Explained: from swamp to sin city.


why us?



Joris (1990): Diplomat. Drummer. Historian.


Knows all the right places & parties. Carries an abundance of advise on culture, culinary and club life.

Based in Amsterdam, he shares his knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors on exclusive basis.

You can be a part of that. 

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"Joris is a true local, who knows his way around the complicated canals of Amsterdam. He will take you on a tour of the highlights ánd less-know spots. But don't expect any umbrellas or headphones: this is not your typical walking tour!"

Antonis - Cyprus


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